IoddCom – the IO-Link communication SDK for software developers
Our first news: the presentation of IoddCom

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Siogeen's IoddCom allows simple communication with IO-Link devices



With the software development kit IoddCom, Siogeen offers a new way of communication with IO-Link devices for developers.

When it comes to communication with IO-Link devices, various graphic interfaces have been available for configuration and diagnostics. Automated and program-based processes from individual applications or programming environments were not possible until now. Complicated and time-consuming paths via certain manufacturer-specific libraries (DLLs) were expensive and, depending on the master used, could only be implemented at high cost. In the past, access via such manufacturer libraries to the IO-Link devices was only possible by raw (binary) data and by the variable indices without the device-describing IODDs and was therefore very complicated and error-prone. The solution: IoddCom, a uniform interface with IODD support.

A generic interface for all IO-Link masters and devices

With IoddCom you can access all supported IO-Link masters and all IO-Link devices connected to them with IODD interpretation. The most important functions are: Automatic integration and download of IODDs, support of various data formats for reading and writing data, all important IO-Link functions such as system commands, process data, events, data storage and block parameters. Particularly noteworthy is the very extensive and detailed help with use cases for various purposes, so that you need as little time as possible for support and training. This gives you a chop of more time for the important topics of your product development.

With the help of the IODDs, your devices can also be operated in a simulation environment and addressed like the real devices. In this way, IODDs and programs can be tested without the hardware having to be connected. With the help of snapshots, copies of entire devices can be created and used as a basis for simulations or other purposes.

By combining several devices into device collections (, previously defined sets of IO-Link devices can be addressed and operated even more easily. This greatly simplifies communication with various sets of devices, especially in larger systems.

Regardless of the programming environment you use (e.g. Python or Matlab), a script interface ( is also integrated, which makes it possible to run entire scripts for specific processes or to address IoddCom generically from graphical interfaces.

The IoddCom can be addressed from many programming languages

Scripting languages enable fast, flexible and easy use of programming environments in combination with debugging and execution of commands at runtime. Therefore, the IoddCom is implemented in the currently most popular scripting language Python. In addition, IoddCom is available for the widely used scripting language Matlab and the freely available GNU Octave. Other programming languages can be integrated by Siogeen according to your needs. TMG-based USB (yet only for Windows) and Ethernet (EtherCat, Ethernet/IP, PROFINET) masters are currently supported for all common systems: Windows, Linux and macOS as well as the Raspberry Pi. Ifm-masters will be supported in the near future. We would also be happy to integrate your own master implementation or integrate IoddCom into the operating system of your requirement.

IoddCom free Trial

We would be happy to provide you with an IoddCom demo version. You can get a first impression here:


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Advantages at a glance

  • Easy and fast access to your IO-Link masters and devices
  • Time saving and cost reduction
  • Improved maintainability and effectiveness through significantly simplified programming and use of a script language
  • Advantages of the device description by integrating the IODDs
  • Logging of all processes at a freely selectable level of detail allows tracking and analysis of the communication
  • Connection manager for overview and control of all connected devices and masters
  • Simulation environment and snapshots
  • very extensive documentation
  • Support for all the most important IO-Link functions: read/write, system commands, process data, events, data storage, block parameters
  • automatic IODD download
  • Extensive data formats are supported
  • Collections of devices allow simplified operation of any device clusters
  • Scripting interface allows integration into GUIs or other UIs and language independent consistent scripting
  • Raw access for read/write and process data, both with and without IODD
  • Uniform interfaces for all systems, environments and IO-Link masters

Supported systems

  • Operating systems: macOS, Linux, Windows, Raspberry PI
  • Programming environments: Python, GNU Octave, Matlab on request
  • IO-Link master: TMG-based USB masters (so far only under Windows, soon for all systems) and Ethernet masters (EtherCat, Ethernet/IP, PROFINET), Ifm coming soon


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