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We are pleased to present some important and interesting new additions to Siogeen IoddCom since last year, which further enrich the world for working with IO-Link devices with Python, GNU Octave or Matlab:

  • TMG-based USB masters are now supported by a newly developed custom driver on all systems: Windows, Linux, macOS and Raspberry Pi. This also includes extended port configuration and improved DataStorage support.
  • Support for ifm IO-Link master (AL1xxx) with EtherCAT, EtherNet/IP, PROFINET as well as also the DataLine versions AL135x, and Modbus TCP (AL134x). The following functions are still missing: Master Data Storage read/write, specific master commands, process data streaming, PD valid status
  • Experimental support for the ifm USB Master AL1060
  • Error corrections for V1.0 IODDs
  • Significant speed improvements for connecting, for process data and partly also for reading and writing
  • Revision of process data streaming with extended configuration and functionality, automatic HW support and alternative SW polling for extended sample rate. In particular, now also available for network masters and on all systems (ifm to follow soon).
  • The new connection status shows if there is a communication error, a wrong sensor has been connected or the connection to the device has been lost
  • Analysis of your network stability and speed by internal statistics for access times and retries: per master, per port and global
  • New is also the IoddComChecker with which you can scan your system: it helps you to check your system for supported masters easily and without complications:

This makes the Siogeen IoddCom even more valuable when it comes to IO-Link as a tool for working with or testing IO-Link devices!

Feel free to check with the new IoddComChecker tool if your IO-Link masters are supported and ask for a demo version to test the IoddCom for your applications.

If your master is not supported yet and you are interested in a simple and cost-, as well as resource-saving solution to work or test with IO-Link devices, please contact us. We are looking forward to hear from you and to make you an offer according to your requirements.

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